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Environmental Policy

Certificate ISO

JSC Belaruskali fully understands the importance of the environment issues and gives special attention to its protection as the protection of the environment is the framework for the company’s sustainable development necessary for today’s and future generations.
To minimize the technogenic impact the company implements the effective Environmental Management System certified in 2001 for compliance with ISO 14001 requirements.
To ensure the environmental safety the company uses the modern high-tech equipment, implements the forward-looking measures aimed to offset the negative impact of mining operations on the landscape and infrastructural facilities and to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases and volumes of waste products through the use of innovative environmental achievements.

JSC Belaruskali performs the ecological monitoring of the impact sources and the objects of ecological interest – air, surface and subsurface waters, soil, ground subsidence etc. – to receive the objective and full information on environmental conditions and the efficiency of environment protection measures being taken.

To implement the Environmental Policy JSC Belaruskali performs a big volume of works on capital construction of the environment protection facilities, approves and implements the annual and long-run environmental programs and works related to the efficient resource management and the operational impact reduction.

The main operations aimed to eliminate or reduce the negative operational impact on the region environment include:

- wide use of selective mining techniques;
- engineering protection of lands, localities and production facilities located above the undermined area;
- high-rise storage of halite wastes;
- injection of excess brines into the lost circulation level;
- implementation of highly effective methods of the flue gas purification and conversion of the company’s fuel-fired plants to natural gas;
- reuse of wastewater in the company’s service water circuit.

JSC Belaruskali keeps implementing the advanced methods and innovative achievements in the environment protection.