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Production of high-quality and competitive products compliant with requirements and expectations of the customers constitutes the primary objective of Belaruskali in quality and the basis for financial prosperity of the Company and its employees. The mentioned objective is defined in the “Belaruskali Quality Policy” which determines the main principles of the Company’s activity in this field.

Therefore, the governance of the Company prevails as the effective management defines the mobility and flexibility of Belaruskali in achieving the targets in all fields of its activity.  

To guarantee the sustained quality of products at all production stages Belaruskali implemented the Quality Management System developed in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements and introducing the principles of the total quality management. 

In 1999 Belaruskali was one of the first in Belarus to obtain the certificate of conformity of KCl production to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. In 2009 the Quality Management System was expanded to include production of sodium chloride technical, edible and fodder salt, in 2016 – production of NPK fertilizers, in 2017 – production of potassium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid.

Currently performance of the Quality Management System is confirmed by the Certificates of Conformity issued by National (RUE “Slutsk ZSMS”) and International (Bureau Veritas Certification) certification bodies.

To confirm the compliance of quality and safety parameters of its products with the requirements, Belaruskali conducts the certification, conformity declaring and state registration. All types of mineral fertilizers, edible and fodder salt have the registered declarations of conformity to obligatory requirements of the technical regulations of Belarus or Eurasian Economic Union. Furthermore, on a voluntary basis Belaruskali products were certified in the National Certification System of the Republic of Belarus, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. To get the permission for application in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Europe and other countries Belaruskali products passed the state registration in accordance with the current national legislation of the mentioned countries.

Since 2014 with a view to expand the selling markets and to deliver fertilizers without restrictions to the markets of New Zealand and Australia Belaruskali implemented the system of KCl biosecurity which helps to minimize the risks of biological contamination of products for export at all stages starting from production and completing with transporting to the port, warehousing and loading in the port and delivering by vessels. Based on the results of the audits performed in August 2014 by the accredited inspection company Hunter Quality Solution PTY Ltd. (New Zealand) and in February 2017 by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Australia) Belaruskali obtained the Certificates of conformity LEVEL 1.

Sustainable operation of the Company, guaranteed quality of products and compliance with the customers’ requirements approve the Belaruskali reliable image in the world fertilizer market.