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Occupational Health and Safety Policy


For JCS Belaruskali – the leader of the mining and chemical industry of the Republic of Belarus – the preservation of employees’ lives and health is one of the main priorities of its production activity and a determinant of the company’s further development.

Company continuously improves the organizational management, ensures on-site occupational safety, implements measures designed to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.  

At present time the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Mine Rescue Operations includes: Occupational Safety and Health Division, Paramilitary Mine Rescue Crew and Emergencies and Civil Defense Division.

Today the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Mine Rescue Operations controls and coordinates the works relating to production control, occupational safety and fire security at dangerous production facilities.

Specialists of the Department work on safety control and employees’ health preservation through the implementation of statutory, local, institutional, technical, medical care and sanitary measures. The occupational safety-related works also include the identification of health risks, their assessment and management.

To reduce the operational risks occurring during the production process the Department revised the “Occupational Safety and Health Management System” in force in accordance with STB 18001-2009 requirements, and in November 2010 the company got the Certificate of Compliance.