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Социально-информационный портал

Improving the standard of living and well-being of employees and their families are priority areas in the development of the social sphere at Belaruskali. We solve housing issues by commissioning new apartment buildings, providing places in rental houses and dormitories. 
A unique format for healing and caring for residents from different regions of our country, far and near abroad is the creation of a speleological clinic based on a spent mine of the First Mine Administration of the enterprise. At a depth of 420 meters, in a special microclimate of underground workings, where the air is saturated with sodium, potassium and magnesium ions, at a temperature of about 16 degrees, respiratory diseases and allergic diseases are effectively treated.

Belaruskali provides health improvement and recreation for its workers, children and their families, pensioners and veterans of the Great Patriotic War in its own health resort - the sanatorium "Beryozka", in the children's health camp "Dubrava", in sanatoriums and children's health camps of the Republic of Belarus. 

Belaruskali is the general sponsor of the Shakhtar football and hockey clubs. Here, at football stadiums and playgrounds, sports battles unfold, attracting a large number of fans and spectators, which helps to strengthen the image of Belaruskali as a company with high social standards and guidelines at the state and international level.
JSC Belaruskali pays great attention to the development of the social sphere, improving the living standards and well-being of employees and their families.