Production units

Each Production Unit consists of a mine to extract the potash ore (Production Units 2 and 4 include two mines each) and the factory to process the mined mineral and manufacture potash fertilizers. Additionally each Production Unit has a repair-building workshop, boiler department (except for PU 1 served by a combined heat and power station) and public catering facilities.

Map of mine fields of JSC Belaruskali

шахтные поля карта англ.jpg
The Production Unit 1 has an underground healthcare facility – “Republican Speleotherapy Hospital”. The processing factory of PU 1 includes among other departments a department on production of edible, fodder and technical types of salt and dry blended fertilizers. The Production unit 3 includes a shop on production of depressing reagents and a compound fertilizers plant. The Production Unit 4 includes a technical salt dispatch department.